Our mission is to ensure that everyone has access to the support and help they need to improve their own happiness and wellbeing in their family.  We realise that to make this happen we need to offer a range of products and services to suit everyone.

Therefore we tailor our services directly to individuals and families as well as to family professionals and organisations in both the private and public sectors. 

Products & Services

Individuals & Families

Family Professionals & Organisations

Family Professionals & Organisations


  • Are you finding it difficult to cope with living in a stepfamily?
  • Do you wish you could have a better bond with your stepchildren?
  • Do you worry whether you're being a good stepparent? 
  • Are you confused about your role in the family?
  • Do you wish you had a better relationship with your partner's family?
  • Do you feel undervalued by your partner and/or your stepchildren?
  • Do you find it hard to talk to your partner about your worries?

All these issues (and many more!) are common in stepfamilies - whether you're just going out with your partner, living with them or married to them. The issues are often just the same.

If you would like to find out how we can help you learn to cope better please see the products and services below.

Family Professionals & Organisations

Family Professionals & Organisations

Family Professionals & Organisations


  • Are you aware that adults in stepfamilies experience lower emotional wellbeing and quality of life than adults in biological families?
  • Did you know that it often takes families several years before they have developed secure, integrated units - during which time they can experience further family breakdown, leading to ever worsening outcomes for their children?
  • Do you need to find a way of helping stepfamilies in your community or organisation?
  • Do you need to help your staff learn more about the difficulties stepfamilies typically face?
  • Would you like to be able to call on experts who understand common issues that are specific to stepfamilies?

For more details on the full range of professional products and services we offer please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

If you would like to speak to someone about these products and services please click here 

Individual & Family Services

Stepfamily Books

Stepfamily Books

Stepfamily Books


Please click here or on the image above to be directed to a page where we have reviewed what we believe are the best books on stepparenting. This isn't a definitive list but these are all best sellers and really do give good advice to those embarking on or already in stepfamily life.

Self Help Guide

Stepfamily Books

Stepfamily Books


Please click here or on the image above to find details about my self help guide which has been designed to offer advice and support to individuals who prefer to learn at their own pace in their own home.

1 - 1 Coaching

Stepfamily Books

eMail Counselling


Please click here or on the image above to find out more about the 1 - 1 Coaching services I offer to individuals or couples in stepfamilies. .

eMail Counselling

Step Parenting Workshop

eMail Counselling


Please click here or on the image above if you would like to find out more about our e-counselling service which is particularly effective if you have a specific concern that you would like advice on.

Step Parenting Workshop

Step Parenting Workshop

Step Parenting Workshop


Please click here or on the image above if you would like to find out more about the one day Step Parenting Workshop which is specifcally designed to offer support and advice on a range of problems common to many stepfamilies.


Step Parenting Workshop

Step Parenting Workshop


Please click here or on the image above if you would like to find out more information on our mediation service designed to help families resolve ongoing disputes.

Professional Services


Consulting Services

Professor Lisa Doodson is a chartered psychologist and an expert in stepfamily  dynamics. Her extensive research with stepfamilies has given her a unique insight into the common issues faced by many families and individuals. Lisa is happy to work on a consultancy basis within your  business to offer her expertise. Whether it's offering advice in the development of services, offering advice and support to families, or help in carrying our qualitative or quantitative research we are happy to talk to you about how we can support your business. 

Click here to talk to us about how we can work together.

Employee Assistance

Individual support for employees can be offered through Employee Assistance Programmes to increase their psychological health and wellbeing. The coaching will focus on the issues that the individual perceives to be causing problems in the stepfamily and they will be given advice on how  to effectively address the difficulties and so increase their own wellbeing. For more information on this programme please contact us.

Lunch & Learn Seminars

'Lisa was very professional and knowledgeable on the subject and  provided extremely useful advice in the seminar.  The seminar was informative and interactive and we received very positive feedback from participants.' 

Sarah Boddey, European Head of Diversity, Barclays Wealth.

This seminar has been designed to be delivered to an audience at the workplace, either over lunch or immediately after work. It lasts between an hour and an hour and a half and includes a Q and A session.  Participants will learn the differences between stepfamilies and biological families as well as the differences between different types of stepfamilies. They are encouraged to consider their roles in their families and how to develop coping strategies aimed at reducing employee  stress at home and at work.  Individuals who have attended these seminars have found that the course increases their general awareness and understanding and helps them address some of the issues affecting their own family development. For more information or reference sites  please contact us. 

Training for Family Professionals


This is a research based programme written by Professor Lisa Doodson that has been specifically designed for individuals who interact with stepfamilies in a professional capacity and need to understand their unique needs in order to provide effective ongoing support an advice. It will also help professionals plan different types of interventions with stepfamilies including 1-1 counselling, mediation and group workshops. The training course lasts for a full day and consists of group and individual exercises to encourage participation and encourage learning. All participants are given a comprehensive handbook which they use  throughout the training course and can take away for future reference. 

Topics Covered within the workshops 

  • Latest stepfamily research and statistics
  • Identifying stepfamily myths and realities
  • Understanding the ambiguity of stepfamily roles and identification of alternative styles
  • Developing realistic expectations for the stepfamily
  • The importance of the couple relationship
  • The spiral of destructive behaviour
  • Effective communication
  • Identifying and reducing stress and anxiety
  • The importance of building an integrated stepfamily
  • Learning to recognise and use effective coping strategies

The course has been successfully delivered to a wide range of local authorities and National Charities. For more information or reference site details  please contact us. 

Stepfamily Literature

Understanding stepfamilies: A Practical Guide for professionals working with blended families
In this practical, evidence based guide published by McGraw Hill Education, Dr Lisa Doodson offers a valuable resource for professionals working with stepfamilies, giving insight into their unique nature and guidance on how to provide more effective support and advice. In addition to the  wealth of research and knowledge that the book shares, there is a range of case studies which illustrate issues that the different types of stepfamilies frequently face. Each chapter also contains practical tools and exercises that professionals can use with  their clients to help facilitate change in the family unit, as well las interventions including mediation and group workshops and more traditional counselling techniques.

To order please click on the book image above or click here to be taken to Amazon or order directly from McGraw Hill Education (http://www.mheducation.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/222284/)

How to be a Happy Stepmum

This is the first book written specifically for stepmums. It is packed full of practical tips and  advice for all types of stepmum. Whether you look after your stepchildren all the time or just at weekends, or whether you also have  children of your own or are new to the parenting job, the book offers  specific help based on your unique family makeup. It covers all the  common issues including understanding and developing your relationship with your stepchildren, dealing with resentment and ambiguity, developing an integrated family unit and learning to manage  inevitable relationships with ex partners. The book is based on Lisa's  extensive psychological research on stepfamilies and includes comments and case studies from stepfamilies across the UK who took part in her research. 
To order a copy from Amazon today, just click on this link.