Stepfamily Books


We've tried to include some of what we believe are the best books on stepparenting. This isn't a definitive list by any means but these are  all best sellers and really do give good advice to those embarking on stepfamily life.

How to be a Happy Stepmum by Dr Lisa Doodson

This is the first book written specifically for stepmums. It is packed full of practical tips and  advice for all types of stepmum. Whether you look after your stepchildren all the time or just at weekends, or whether you also have  children of your own or are new to the parenting job, the book offers  specific help based on your unique family makeup. It covers all the  common issues including understanding and developing your relationship with your stepchildren, dealing with resentment and ambiguity, developing an integrated family unit and learning to manage  inevitable relationships with ex partners. The book is based on Lisa's  extensive psychological research on stepfamilies and includes comments and case studies from stepfamilies across the UK who took part in her research. 

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Understanding Stepfamiles by Dr Lisa Doodson

In this practical, evidence based guide published by McGraw Hill Education,  Dr Lisa Doodson offers a valuable resource for professionals working with stepfamilies, giving insight into their unique nature and guidance on how to provide more effective support and advice. In addition to the  wealth of research and knowledge that the book shares, there is a range of case studies which illustrate issues that the different types of stepfamilies frequently face. Each chapter also contains practical tools and exercises that professionals can use with  their clients to help facilitate change in the family unit, as well las interventions including mediation and group workshops and more traditional counselling  techniques.

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Books for children in stepfamilies

Lots of people have been asking me if there are any books that represent stepfamilies positively and can be read with children. Here are a few titles that you might want to consider....

I Love my step mum or I love my bonus mum, both by Anna Cerridwen 

Its also worth checking out The Little Box of Books company - a book subscription service that offers a wide range of books that reflect the diversity of families and children (

The Stepparents' Parachute by Flora McEvedy

An easy to read book  that identifies four cornerstones to help stepfamilies cope with the challenges they face. These include the importance of teamwork and keeping rejection at arms length. The cornerstones guide you through the difficulties and help transform your family into a happy and stable  unit.

Stepfamilies - Living successfully with other people's children by Suzie Hayman

This book offers  practical advice and positive strategies for coping with the emotional issues that stepfamilies typically have to deal with. It's well written  but can be a little hard going.