1 - 1 Coaching

Lisa, just wanted to say thanks again! You have a positive and peaceful influence in addition to your knowledge. We’ll try to make our own strides for now, but visiting you has definitely helped! 

Ailsa, London  

'I just wanted to write to say thank you for the Skype session we had with you a couple of months ago now. Since then, we have managed to change the days with my stepdaughter on a trial basis, but it seems to be going well for everyone.I have so much more space in my head it's wonderful!. I can't believe we did the old arrangement for so long. I'm also spending more time with my stepdaughter, which is great - I used to before I was pregnant and I  think doing so again has made a big difference to our step mum and daughter relationship. And there is no resentment on my part. My partner and I have stopped fighting.  So yes, it was a life changing hour!' 

LJ Berkshire

'I went to see Lisa when I couldn't find the support or information anywhere else that applied to my situation and I felt I needed.  Lisa has offered me invaluable, friendly support and has given me achievable coping strategies to deal with what felt, at times, like an  unchangeable situation.  Things looked much brighter immediately after seeing her just for the fist time and she has made me feel much calmer and happier than I have done for ages'.

SH, London

'Our sessions with Lisa have offered my partner and me, an opportunity to  explore our feelings for our stepchildren anew and facilitate handling more productively the severe challenges we face in our new home together  in relation to the children. We have been able to listen to each others  point of view, calmly and in a productive/focused environment, analyse painful/emotional topics from a new perspective and finally pursuit  alternative approaches/solutions to long-standing problems'.

CB, Surrey

Lunch & Learn Seminar

Lisa was very professional and knowledgeable on the subject and  provided extremely useful advice in the seminar.  The seminar was  informative and interactive and we received very positive feedback from participants.' 

Sarah Boddey, European Head of Diversity, Barclays Wealth.

Stepfamily Workshop

'This is just a quick update to tell you how much your step parenting course that we attended in February helped us. I think that the children growing up and becoming more mature has also been a factor, but without your course we would still be in a muddle. We are having more fun as a family and I am pleased to say that my husband and my youngest son are actually enjoying each others company. 

Christina,  London, 

'I found Lisa's knowledge and experience of the stepparenting field  invaluable to me, also exchanging views and 'hints and tips' with other  stepparents has been really halpful.' 

Susan,  Reading

I've put into practice many of the tips/approaches you shared on the course, some of which I knew already, but had become entrenched in negative patterns and it's paying great  dividends. My partner and I are much happier and as a result my relationship with his children has returned to being happy and enjoyable for all of us.' 

JL, Kent

Working with Family Professionals

This well thought out training and guide to working with stepfamilies offers practitioners some much needed tools for working withe this growing complex and diverse client group.  The research is applied to practice in as straightforward way; the activities are relevant and well described and the case studies are illuminating. This highly usable approach is a 'must have' for all therapsits and counsellors working with blended familes.

BF, Relate Counsellor    

Essential reading for professionals dealing with Stepfamilies and the  complexities involved in the dynamics that need to be understood to guide those preparing or already in a Stepfamily. Clearly explained and backed up by thorough research, this well written book says it all. 

CG, Family Therapist

Working with Media

Hi Lisa, you were very helpful recently regarding a social film I've made for BBC about the mum v stepmum dynamic. I'm hoping to get engagement from key influencers as well as 'real' people and I wonder whether it's possible for you to share the film on any social media or groups you're involved with?

Jo  London


Dear Dr Doodson I hope you don't mind my unsolicited email but I just want to say Thank You! I'm  a 24 year old women with a full-on and full-time career, no children of  my own (step type D) and have been with my my partner 3 years and has  two children from a previous relationship and I have been a step mum (of sorts) for the past 3 years. Of these past 3 years I have gone through emotions that I have never experienced before with having stepchildren and I have not really been able to relate to anyone or talk to others  who have been in the same position. A mixture of anxiety, despair in needing advice and guidance to try and understand what I'm feeling and how to cope with those feelings led me  to your book How to be a Happy StepMum. Reading the first few pages- I  actually cried (mixture of relief and joy)! I felt like I was reading about me- finally, women that I could relate to and work towards being able to understand why I feel the way I do sometimes and that it's completely normal to feel that way. There is light at the end of the tunnel! 

SH, May 2015

I just wanted to say thank you for having this group.  There are such few resources for step moms, especially childless ones (me- not by choice).  I have read several books that help a little, basically knowing there is always someone that has it worse and keep your expectations low. I am in Dallas, Texas USA and ironically was just in London over a week ago on a family trip.  My step kids are recent college graduates so it had not been as hurtful and hard lately until we took this trip together.  So it was nice to come home and see this email.  I have thought about attempting to start a group on this side of the pond as a support group.  I have another close friend in the same boat as me so at least we have each other.  So all of that to say thanks for what you are doing! :)

Tanya, Dallas