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New Book for Family Therapists & Counsellors

I'm delighted to announce that my new book: Understanding Stepfamilies - An integrated Approach for Therapists and relationship professionals, was launched in April 2016. The book has been written to support professionals in their work with stepfamilies. To order just click on the book image and you will be directed to Amazon to purchase. 

'What is a Rose' by Kathryn Reay

This is the first of a series of books aimed at normalising blended and step-families and showing step-parents in a positive light. This beautifully illustrated picture book is suitable for reading to younger children and for independent reading by older children. As well as providing an opportunity for discussion about a child’s life, and prompting questions about things which may be going on in their own family it also introduces the child to some new vocabulary and helps to strengthen their imagination. Brooke is a young girl when she first meets her future step-mum, Rose. Brooke uses her infectious imagination to try and establish Rose’s role in her life leading to some fun misunderstandings along the way. This is a light-hearted story which will appeal to younger children whilst also addressing some of the issues in relation to the role of a step-parent which can often be confusing for all involved.  Whilst this story doesn’t claim to represent every blended family, which of course are all unique, it does give a positive and heartening example of a relationship between a child and a step-parent and shows that the definition of family is what you decide to make it. 

It is available from Amazon :​

Couple / Individual Coaching

If you're finding things difficult at the moment why not talk to an expert? Appointments are available in Central London or Berkshire. Skype is also available as an alternative option. For more info contact

Couple Workshops

The Happy Steps workshops for stepfamilies are a great way to learn more  about stepfamily dynamics and meet others in the same position.  Please  email me for more info or to reserve a place on the next workshop planned for May 20th 2017.

Great resource for stepmothers

You  might want to consider grabbing a copy of my first book - How to be a  Happy Stepmum. Check out Amazon for the latest reviews (I don't want you to think I'm biased!)