Latest Press Coverage

We're delighted that Happy Steps is making the news! Below is a selection of the latest press and radio coverage.

Take a Break Magazine, June 2017

An article on happiness.

Prima Magazine, May 2017

Tips for stepmothers.

Huffington Post, 29th March 2017

Article providing advice to couples in blended families.   

BBC 5th April 2017 

Provided advice towards online short documentary on relationship between a stepmum and biological mum. 


BBC Radio Kent, 12th December 2016 

Interview to discuss the challenges stepfamilies face.   

Huffington Post, 31st October 2016

Advice for couples in stepfamilies on how to entertain their children on holidays   

Raring2go, 27th June 2016 

Top tips for stepfamily harmony 


Telegraph, Saturday May 21st 2016

Article on women who are finding it hard to identify with being a mother

Sunday Times, Sunday May 22nd, 2016

Advice for stepmothers

LBC Radio, Wednesday August 21st, 2014
Interview with Nick Ferrari to discuss issues with helping children cope with  disturbing and graphic scenes of violence in the news and on the  internet.

BBC Radio Leeds, Thursday 19th February 2014
Discussion on the Martin Kelner show to discuss recent speech from Lord Wilson who  has stated that Stepfamilies can be positive for children, providing  more exposure to social relationships.

The Times on Saturday, Saturday 15th February 2014
Article discussing the common issues faced by stepfamilies together with tips for successful stepparenting.

BBC Radio, Friday 20th September 2013
Discussion  on the Mark Forrest show to discuss recent research indicating that a high proportion of couples break down due to issues with their  stepchildren.

LBC Radio, July 1st 2013
Interview with Nick Ferari to discuss issues with teenage stepchildren. topic  raised following Nigella Lawson's split from husband, apparently fuelled  by issues with relationship between her son and her husband.

'Pick me up' , weekly magazine. February 2013, March 2013

Lisa has answered a number of readers issues related to stepfamilies on the problem page.

BBC Radio Birmingham - Graham Torrington 24th February 2013

A discussion about stepfamilies -'is blood thicker than water'. 

BBC Radio Scotland - Call Kaye. August 2012
A discussion about stepfamilies with presenter Kay Adams. Listeners were also able to call in with questions and comments.

BBC 3 counties radio. Wednesday 11th Jan 2012

Phone in programme on 'What makes stepfamilies work'. 

BBC Radio Kent, Tuesday 29th March, 2011

Phone in programme on the 'do's and 'don'ts' of introducing new partners to your children. 

Now Magazine, March 7th 2011

Article discussing Christine Bleakley and her potential stepfamily and  recognising the need to research the stepmother role. Stepparenting tips  given. 

Psychologies Magazine, December 2010

Problem page article tackling Christmas in stepfamilies. 

BBC Radio Berkshire, Wednesday 1st September, 2010

Family phone in with Phil Gayle.

BBC Radio Manchester, Tuesday 3rd August 2010

Interview with Heather Scott about How to be a Happy Stepmum.

The Telegraph, Thursday 22nd July 2010
Creating a stepfamily: homemaker, mother or old boot?

Take a Break, Monday 19th July 2010
Advice for stepparents on meeting your stepchildren for the first time.

Woman's Own, Monday 19th July 2010

Article on Stepmothers. 

BBC Radio Berkshire, Monday 12th July, 2010

Interview with Phil Gayle of being a psychologist, stepmother and author. 

Daily Mail, Thursday 17th June, 2010

Article from journalist Samantha Brick on Stepmothers.

BBC Radio Scotland - Call Kay, Wednesday 16th June, 2010

A discussion about stepfamilies with presenter Kay Adams. Listeners were also able to call in with questions and comments.

BBC Breakfast, 13th June 2010
A  joint discussion with Sonia Poulton, author of 'Back off Stepmums', an  article published in the Daily Mail. Lisa argued that stepmums are trying to do the best they can for their stepchildren and need support not criticism! 

The Hour, Scottish TV, 8th June 2010

An interview on the popular Scottish chat show, discussing Lisa's new book  How to be a Happy Stepmum. To see the interview just click on the link  below (Lisa's interview starts after 9 minutes).

The Herald Scotland, Monday 3rd May, 2010
An article based on Lisa's new book, highlighting the main issues affecting stepmums.

The Independent, Thursday 22nd April, 2010

An article related to the key issues related to stepmothers adaptability, taken from Lisa's new book 'How to be a Happy Stepmum'

The Globe and Mail, Vancouver, Canada, Monday 12th April, 2010

A question and answer article related to Lisa's research and book, How to be a Happy Stepmum.  

Womans' Hour, Radio 4, Thursday 1st April, 2010

Stepmothers: The myth and the reality: Isn't it time that the role was seen in a more positive light? Jenni hears  about new research into the modern day stepmother from Dr Lisa Doodson,  psychologist and by writer Sophie Parkin. 

Guardian Newspaper, March 23rd 2010

Article covering Lisa's research on stepmothers and identifying some of the key findings. 

Ealing Gazette, March 2010

Article on Lisa's research on stepmothers

ABC Magazine

The local information magazine for Parents in Berkshire & Hertfordshire, March 2010
Article on  stepfamilies focusing on the stages of stepfamily development

OneUp Magazine, 28th September 2009

An on line magazine for single parents and stepfamilies.

BBC Radio Berkshire on Wednesday 16th September, 2009
Interview with Andrew Peach on the breakfast show, discussing the Happy Steps Stepparenting programme. To read more click on the BBC link.