Self Help Guide



The self help guide has been designed to offer advice and support to individuals who prefer to learn on their own and at their own pace. The content is drawn largely from the Happy Steps step parenting workshop.  It offers over 100 pages of information and advice.

We're so confident that you'll find the guide helpful to understanding your  stepfamily and making positive changes in your relationships that we  offer a money back guarantee. 

Topics Covered Include

  • Understanding your own family strengths and weaknesses
  • Understanding stepfamily realities
  • Defining your role within the stepfamily
  • Developing realistic stepfamily expectations
  • Understanding different step parenting styles
  • Balancing costs and rewards
  • Recognising destructive patterns of behaviour
  • Understanding how stress affects the body and how to deal effectively with stress and anxiety
  • Making the most of your relationship with your partner
  • Integrating your stepfamily
  • Learning to effectively co-parent


Self Help Guide (pdf)

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The cost of the self help guide is £24.00. 

Once purchased we will e-mail you a pdf version of the guide which you can then read on line or print. Please note -  is not an automated process so it may take several hours for you  to receive the email and pdf depending on how busy we are! However do email me if you haven't received any notification within 24 hrs.